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Neural Reprogramming

Reprogram Your Brain

Change Behaviors and Habits

To get rid of habits it is important to understand how neural pathways work in the brain. Neutral pathways help the nerve cell transmit messages to other parts of the body. Once you are able to understand this basic function, the nerve signs will be much easier to understand.

If you eat a certain food all the time, smoke a cigarette, drink for comfort or perform any habit, they form their own pathways in the brain.

The brain is constantly changing and new pathways and habits can be created. When this happens it is called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity will help you realize that anything is possible. People who have suffered strokes were able to rebuild their brain functions. People that smoke and eat too much may also learn how to change their behaviors and transform their lives.

You can build a new pathway by reprogramming your brain. You can add or remove a behavior including an addiction directly from the brain.

Neural Pathway RestructuringTM

Debra Fentress, Creator and Founder of Neural Pathway Restructuring

Neural Pathway is not one linear sequencing of the behavior, but webs of interconnecting threads creating hundreds of connections. Research has shown that we can actively affect how our brains can rewire themselves to create a new neural networks and override pre-existing one.

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Opportunity (events/challenges) – Self Interference (perception of events)

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